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2 years ago

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It disintegrated over 2 years my life before my eyes, my girlfriend left me, I was told the house sold, and a much smaller house. And a year from hell on earth, lonely, sad time, horrible. But little sexmaxx by little, I took the ditch and build a new life. In my job I work many hours and found it difficult to keep up with the house, washing, etc, so I chose a person at home to promote clean to me. I ddnt hear anything for two weeks and then received a call from a girl named Becky, she was looking for extra money and would be interested in the job, he said, so I arranged a time to come and to watch over them, and are very well done. She rang the bell at sexmaxx the time, and I opened the door to a real dream cum fucking. She was a black girl, 5 feet 6 fight, full lips, the biggest tits I've seen a thin girl and a beautiful tight ass, she was working there, but I took thru the most boring, try to keep the eyes of their incredible boobs ! agreed to do the job with a sexmaxx smile, and stayed for a coffee and a chat, a beautiful girl he could find. and in the coming weeks, which were shown to be a great cleaner, was honest and timely. So I trusted her with a key to my house and for the following year ddnt me sexmaxx in the lurch again. and in the course of the year we have more and more talkative, and soon became good friends, but the next bit is the icing on the cake!, i take the time free for a week, I went with a bad case of flu. I spent most sexmaxx of their time sleeping and feel like crap though. becky Sun had to be purified in i ddnt listen, because I like in bed half asleep. The first thing I knew of its existence was when my name was the head of sexmaxx the door of my room, she came in sexmaxx and appologised by the fact that my room was like shit, I smiled and told me to see that as I was sick, she let me out. she came and sat beside me in bedI touched his forehead with a worried look on his face and asked if he could do little or nothing for me, I teased her with a vacuum cleaner to do good, she laughed and called me a dirty bastard, in the past we often flirt, but never came, but this time he stared at my hand under the blanket, his outstretched hand under the covers and grabbed my cock, took me back and moaned with pleasure when masturbating me off, which gave me a smile shone blanket and sit on my tail, and then went right back to pull me out, with both hands to stroke sexmaxx my cock and balls tingling, I was in pure heaven, bucking and moaning, panting and sweating, wondering how much longer he could last, then she took his hands and congratulated me on my tail, saying it was the largest, is seen, which made me feel very well done, but not as great as when she lowered her head and acorn kissed me, then with delicate licks, she smiled and pulled me with her tongue,I asked sexmaxx if I liked what I did, only complained and said : "It was unbelievable," "Well, then, " he said, " Oull enjoy this time," and went my way in the neck to tail, suck, suck , and sent me to heaven, and when she tickled my balls could not take it anymore and went out of his mouth, spraying a big load in her throat. The sky. she sat up and swallowed the semen left, and asked me if I felt better, damn right I have, and threw it on sexmaxx the bed of a good feel of her breasts, pinching the ass and sexmaxx sucking her neck, she laughed and tried to fight and told me that I too sick for a fuck, its success away from my laughter and smile, that sexy smile. went to the door around and told me I had to work and I was going to take a break...... the best sleep I've had for years, about two hours later I woke up and heard becky is still low, so I have my robe and went to look, I found her in the hall finishing polishing, I found myself behind her
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